Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being Bridey

(p.S at the beginning. the pictures really have no relevance. I just wanted to post some.)
I'm checking out my first venue today!
If it goes like everything else in the last year has, I'll probably decide it's 'the one' before checking out anything else.  (nudge nudge wink wink honey...) hehe.
We are trying to achieve smallness, cuteness, affordability, and uniqueness.

 It's bloody hard work.

But, I am NOT going to become too bridey about it.
I will not be a bridezilla. (I repeat this every morning at breakfast)
Not really.

Mostly I just want to have a few 'ducks in a row' so I can start doing all the crafty stuff and collecty stuff 
(when did I start putting a 'y' at the end of every word?! I blame James..) 
I think I will enjoy it.

So anyway!!!

If you want to see what I am wanting to achieve (big risk here, it may end up looking nothing like this and I'll feel stink) then take a look at what has or will probably replace facebook for window-shopping-addicted girls : PINTEREST  

And as for everything else, it's just a matter of keeping on trucking really.
{BTW... what the heck does that even mean?}

I am still jogging to school in the mornings with my Roo, but it is starting to get very very cold. there is frost on the ground and the motivation is hard.... so I'm wondering if I should just slip into the gym for $5 lunch sessions...

I did that thing last night where I looked through a bunch of photos of myself from about 10 years back and thought "My gosh, I was so skinny??!!! " And at the time i was whinging! So, my only worry is that in another 10 years time, I will be in the same boat! um, question... do you keep getting bigger and saggier? seriously??

Is there a cream for that?
Oh well, you can't put a price on seratonin release  via exercise! It is winter afterall, and I am SO NOT going to get the winter blues this year.

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  1. i totally understand the 'y' thing. maybe it's a 'james thing'. i hope you well hun. i miss you heaps. i'm hoping to get down to chch in the next month so i'll comment to get in touch. i just requested an invite to pintrest :) love love love xxx
    ps. new blog totally rocks!