Friday, 27 May 2011

Wedding Fever...

Sorry.... I forgot to post!!
Not really.
Have I been busy?
Not really....
But I have been ON THE HUNT.

I am becoming a keen wedding expert.
Seriously, you think I'd know more, being a wedding photographer and all...

Do you want to know the honest truth?
Sometimes... I've been to weddings... and cringed.

Yip. I'm a terrible person.
But, at least they had good taste in photography right? ;)
And I would always enjoy the lovey bits about the wedding...
But I'm such a finicky person when it comes to my 'dream wedding'.
I don't mean finicky expensive, but I want a certain look and feel.

here is what my wedding would look like, if I could wave a magic wand.
You are witnessing a virtual tour of my Muriel's scrap book.
(widge calls me Muriel, after Muriels wedding the movie, as I have had this scrap book of wedding stuff long before James actually even asked me.... lol )

So yip.
And you may think I'm obsessed now.
You wait.
But actually...
I'm enjoying it.
I'm not very good with that whole putting my foot down though, and on the other side, am having to learn the art at 'Letting it go" 
So, to sum up..
I like wedding planning, I know what I DON'T want
I want a magic wand
and I want to make it the most special day ever. 

Easy. aye? 



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  3. ooooh, you deleted!!! why??

  4. oh sorry! it was the same link twice. I had found another wedding-y muriel type blog but didnt copy it properly. on mikes lap top cos my pc is bung and for some reason can't gain access to my google account on my yours being weird with blogs?? I can't write comments from my phone no more :(

  5. lol
    you girls crack me up

    good luck with is all Megs....and you too Widgey
    you girls need to go see "Bridesmaids"

    love and light