Monday, 19 September 2011

A new Season

I have a NEW JOB!!
I want to say a 'real job' as I have an employer who pays me, a team who work beside me, and a time sheet to sign at the end of the day!
As of today I  work at a well known toyshop (who's having visions of Mr Magoriums wonder emporium? ) ;)

Not sure if the wee face they drew for me should worry me.... lol

It's great.
I have been searching and searching (and soul searching) for this for months.
I feel like it is straight from God.

{ I say this now in a happy and somewhat endearing way... I may be ripping my hair out come 'Christmas Mad Season Time at which point you can all have a quiet laugh to yourself}
But for now, I feel I am actually earning money doing something fun, and enjoyable
(albeit challenging, as it's so new.)

What did the kids say?
"do you get free toys mum?"
"yes kids. they are all free."
- Rolling my eyes.

But, yay for day one ticked off!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fun Friday

I decided to wear bright red lippy today.
I felt ALIVE!!!!
It's one of those lipsticks I know I don't even suit, but it was kind of like giving 'it' the finger today and doing it anyway!

Ahhh, it's the little things.
Red lipstick on a friday afternoon.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


You know who you are
(although I don't!!)
So I'm going to say thanks to God on your behalf.
You were a wee angel in my morning today.

Are you laughing out loud right now?
I am guessing whoever you are, you don't look like this dude....
I hope!!! 

Monday, 5 September 2011


I have been collecting old jars and bottles in all shapes and sizes for our wedding in March..
We are sort of going for a vintage, semi kitschy theme... which also suits our tiny budget!

I bought these beauties off trade me for $16 (for the lot!) there are old, highly collectable cream and milk bottles from the ACTAUL old days... I was so so pleased.
Thanks God!
(am doing this thing where I try to remember all the blessings along the way.)
(Especially after I sat with me 2 besties today and discussed where I was at with my faith. (well, where we are all at..)
Besties are called besties for a reason.
Ok, thats another thing I'm grateful for.

I got Pop to pick me a few branches from the camellia tree, and popped them in some of my favourite bottles from the bunch.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


For some reason, I had become so addicted to my iPhone that I decided to take it to the loo with me yesterday.
I put it in my hoodie pocket.
When I stood up and flushed (try to not be too visual about it) I heard a loud crack and bang
I thought,' oh no, I've droped the phone... but... where??'
I had at the exact same moment flushed the toilet as well.
You probably see where this is going.
iPhone was not on the floor.
iPhone was not in the hoodie. No matter HOW many times I kept patting my pockets in denial.
I stood back and looked down the s bend of the loo.
I could see the cover sticking out just a bit.
So, whilst saying the word that was also pretty much describing what I was fishing around in, I grabbed the  iphone, and pulled it out.
It was dead.
Like, soooo dead.
So, whilst I wait for insurance to do it's jobs,
I am disconnected from the world of instant communication (yes, there is the actual telephone, but please, I can't get pinterest, email, a camera, instagram or trademe on that now can I??)

Welcome to the dark ages...
Perhaps I'll like it.