Monday, 22 April 2013

Autumn to Winter

It's usually about this time of the year when I do a whingy post about the weather and how I can only survive in a climate that is averaging 20+ degrees everyday.

This year I don't feel that way. Maybe it's because I am blessed with a warm house now, or maybe it's because we had one of the best and longest summers I can remember.

I love winter clothes... that helps.
I think there is something nice about the legit excuse to wrap the kids up in blankets and veg out in front of the tv. (Well, not JUST the kids ahem 2 movies back to back for us yesterday)

Also, the rain.
I love the rain.
I planted a garden this year, and to be honest, I'm all good for the first 2 weeks post planting, but after that I kind of forget about the ever important watering..
So, I really really appreciate the rain!

Sometimes I can't sleep, and lie there wondering why it is that James finds it so easy to slip into blissful REM and I am destined to just listen to the sounds of the house, and him beside me ever so quietly breathing...
At these times, I love the rain even more.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


So, it's the wrong reason to start writing again, but I just had to do it,
I totally missed out on the blogger weekend. In part because I don't identify myself as much of a blogger these days, and also because I had all the kids in the weekend, and it was a great time to hang out with my nearly 15 year old daughter.


We had such a fun time, watching pitch perfect, singing along, eating blue cheese and doritos...
I have no idea what James was doing!!

Then I took her to a clothing swap of EPIC proportions. Fun!!

I wrote this first bit  ^^^ the other day, after seeing all the pictures of the blogging weekend start emerging, and I was having a real feeling of being left out (even though I didn't invite myself in the first place!)

But then a couple of days passed, and things like the Boston Marathon bombing happened, and my cares changed once again.

I have been reading the many stories and accounts of the day, and watching, with perhaps a somewhat morbid interest in the social media frenzy that has ensued in the aftermath.
I went onto instagram and typed in the hashtag #bostonmarathon.... and there were thousands and thousands of pictures.
Most said "pray for Boston"
Don't know how I feel about America's stance on prayer...
I'm not quite sure they really understand what it means..
Nonetheless, it was very interesting to see how fast news (some of it bogus) spreads with the magic of social media.

The fact there has now been a blogging conference on in CHC is amazing to me! What is blogging???!! To me, it is just personal, diary writing, which ironically isn't really that personal when people actually stop by to read (or not)
I realise I have incorrectly used the word ironic.

 I have been studying whist on a 3 week break from uni.
To be honest it hasn't been the MOST productive studying time... in part because I have tried to catch up with some of my friends, and in part because I am super tired from the medication I am now own... (nothing serious, don't worry!)

So The whole concept of blogging for the sake of it has kind of passed me by... till now.

I am so enjoying it, but still secretly terrified of the prospect of one day working as a .... whatever it is that I am going to be.
I know that there is an ultimate plan for me.. (well gosh there better be!) and I just trust that I am taking the right steps to pursue it.

It was raining yesterday as I waited to pick the kids up after school.

It was Roo's day to stay at his Dad's so I was just picking up James's 2.
As I sat in the car I saw Roo cross the road with his big sister in the rain, on the way to the bus stop to catch the bus that will take them an hour to get home. Whilst I sat and waited to pick up 2 kids that are not my own. It was a weird, somewhat sad feeling.
It was normal. A normal Wednesday, but I felt the strangeness of our situation afresh.

My 2 didn't actually notice me watching them.
Was probably just as well.

They are good kids.
We both have good kids. And we are doing the best we can.