Thursday, 29 March 2012

I do!!!!!

It was amazing.
All of it.
I will post some photos.
It's just easier...
Oh how to choose which ones though...
I went to put up 'a few pictures' on facebook and ended up with an album of about 160.
got alot of likes though :)

here is a wee snippet......
All the photos were taken by the UBER stylish and very talented Susie Blatchford, currently still working for The wedding Assassins.

Stina the beautiful

The gorgeous Widge 

The cake that was insanely amazing.... those are flowers made of icing. Just saying.

My daughter Pop.

Mini Cooper 970s love.

Stina warming up ;) 

Widge does a speech. ;) 

Friday, 2 March 2012


The week we got together

One week to go.
I am sitting in my gorgeous new house, typing this when I should be getting ready for work.
Today, they will just have to see me with no makeup.
I woke up sneezing, I contemplated ringing in sick, as I could seriously use the day to myself...
But I seriously could use being paid too so....

I have got myself into a routine here.
Not much of it involves tidying....
I'm working on it
I have these grand ideas of being a really cute housewife this time round
So.... I should really use my time to quickly fold the washing....


"Am I prepared?"
This is the question everyone who doesn't know me asks me when they find out I am an impending bride...
I sort of laugh and say... "oooh... no, yes, well, sort of."
I of course am assuming they are only referring to the 'party' (the wedding) not the REST OF MY LIFE AS A WIFE...

Sometimes weddings seem so silly...

Things I have learnt:

-You have no control no matter what you think.
-The weather does not respond to you freaking out.
-Praying for sun is a good thing to do, but don't count on it ; the guy next door may be praying for rain and God loves us both the same.

My Hope?
When I see James.. I think I will forget how many jars of flowers there are, how many tables I painted, how many cups I glued together, how many feathers are in my hairpeice that I dipped in coffee to try and give an antiquey look (yes)
I will just see him, and know that that is the immediate goal.
That God is with us, and that we can't control anything... and actually, thats a good thing.

There's not much else to say...
I was going to write about all the things that have stressed me out...
But I probably just need to 'as above', and let it go..

The week we got engaged
The next time I write, I will probably BE Mrs Robinson.  And here's to you!!!