Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shes a mod shes a mod she's a mod yeah yeah yeah

Ok, actually she turned 13....

She wanted a sleepover with friends for her celebratory event, so I said yes.On the condition that we could hold it at James's house as it's 12 times bigger and warmer than the pavlova icebox that I live in.
He said that was fine. (oh, it was him that I had to ask, not Pop, she likes it there!)
So we decided on a loose theme of 'camping' for the party. (don't worry, I'm not really committed enough to fully do a real 'themed' party, no-one came in poly propylene or with gas cookers... )

However we did manage to fit a tent into the formal (or 'retro') lounge. and I hung up paper bunting.
(which by the way was INSANELY hard to photograph properly.

In fact really I was only writing about this SO I could post my bunting photos.
I actually only FOUND OUT it was called bunting when I met Miriam!!! (Make it Give it)

Jake holding up my bunting efforts in the pavlova icebox.

I also said they could toast marshmallows over the fire.
Ok, well James doesn't actually HAVE a fire, and you can hardly get a good toasted mallow by holding it up to the heatpump, so I found a candle and set that up on a fondue stand (as I made the chocolate ganache for their fondue. 

Ahhhhh, it looked so yummy.... 

It's a candle in a coconut shell. and yes 2 of the girls do actually appear to be toasting grapes. Issues much?

The tent thing worked, and they watched DVD's and talked till about 3 in the morning.
I tried to ignore them as much as humanly possible, as there are somethings I think it's best to just NOT hear.
But, I did do the "ok girls, really... some people are trying to sleep, I don't care if you are still awake, but WHISPER for the love of all things!"

I thought I'd have a chance of a bit of a sleep in due to the junk food hangovers they would all be enduring, but alas, they were up at about 8. 

Sigh.... But, thats it. No more parties till, what, 21???? 

My super cool boyfriend slash fiance has a very cool feature wall made by using a roll of vintage Maurice Kain curtain fabric stretched across the wall.  Went well with the bunting! 

Hard to see the bunting flag things coz of the light, but you get the gist...

Tenting fun!!!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Two Years today.

How much has happened. And everyday I still miss you.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yeah, pretty much.

We had ANOTHER earthquake.
Apparently as big as the last one, although not as shallow.

There are so many very quiet questions I have
{do I really want to live here? But what choice do I possibly have}

Again, praise the good Lord my family was safe.
The first one sent me nearly flying off the treadmill at my friends house, so we just bailed and went to pick up the kids.
Proof! Do not ask why I got Mel to take this!!! 
On arrival I found that the kids were fine, there was no 'fire line' (rows of kids standing in class lines on the back field) and the teachers seemed comfortable to let us return home without the kids in tow (although of course had we known it was just the start of them, we would have taken them immediately!)
So I turned around feeling a little silly and decided to check out the area around where I was treadmilling it as I had heard there was a building down. Yes, I am THAT stupid.

So, I got 3/4 of the way there, and the 6.3 hit while I was in the car.
I tell ya what, nothing compares to that.
well, ok, being thrown off a treadmil (ok, NEARLY thrown off) was pretty darn exciting (should I take it as a sign the earth thinks my body is ready? lol)
It was as if 4 strong men (you know, the kind that do those 'ripping up phone books for Jesus' shows) were holding each corner of my car and rocking it around. Also, watching power lines sway above your car is somewhat disconcerting.
I was watching the lady in the 4wd behind me with her hands over her mouth just riding it out..
so once it stopped I jumped out of the car (we had all come to a standstill) and gave her and the lady behind her the  "two thumbs up to ask if you are ok" move.
She smiled. She was ok.

So then,  with the kids Dad texting me asking if 'now I was getting the kids?' as he was sick at home, I texted yes, and abad word, and put my foot to the ground so angry that I hadn't just stayed at home after the first one.
Then, my phone went flat.
my iPhone! My baby!!
So, I got the kids, and all was fine. we ditched the car at one point as the traffic was so bad, walked home, and kind of just absorbed the current affairs.
With no power.

That night we were lucky to be able to go and camp at James's again. Safe, warm, and powerfied.
(it's a word.)

So, now, we are back to boiling water, taking bottles of it to school, and the old "if it's yellow let it mello if it's brown flush it down'.

Ironically we have JUST had all the portaloos in our area removed..... giving us somewhat of a false sense of security....
(is that an appropriate use of the word ironic? I always get that one wrong...)
Sorry there aren't more interesting pictures for me to post.
I am just a bit over the sad destruction this earthquake has caused.

Might be time to move to the promised land..... @ Widge

Thursday, 9 June 2011

CHC Bloggers

Today I was invited to hang with the very awesome or (arsum) as Miriam says it... CHC bloggers!
it was very cool to be able to put faces to names, even tho I am a self confessed rubbish follower at the best of times!

But... it was cool.
Miriam suggested a wee trip to a place called The painted room, an antiques store, full of inspiration...
Ok, that doesn't even begin to describe it.
It was a place of utter heaven on earth for me.
If I had had the balls I would have actually SQUEALED very VERY loudly when we walked in.
Other than all the divine chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, there was gorgeous recovered antique furniture, beautiful tea cups and saucers, amazing clothing, and JEWELERY!!! I tried on a 2.5k ring.
I was in heaven. Seriously.
Does this mean I am getting old? ............

 My New Girl crush, Miss Miriam the stylie.....

 Me and my bff Widge.
 She will actually KILL me for posting this. Meh, I have the power!

 Blurry Widgey making some fabric decisions

 The tiny little Diamond and aquamarine ring is the one I tried on. Trust me, that puppy is FANtastic.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's a thing.
Being thankful.
I used to do a bit of a Thankful Thursday thing...
God is doing a buttload of stuff in my life at the moment, and I have to remember to say... "Thankyou."
Sometimes I say it with a bit of a questionmark inferred on the end... "Thankyou??"
When you just don't really understand His ways, His timing or His motive...
For arguments sake I will assume {always} that His motive is love.

Here are some pictures of things I am grateful for.

 The GORGEOUS cupcake collection 4 doors down from my place, where they play 40's music and make you feel like a princess. It's major brownie points as a mum when I take Pop there.

 So Thankful, grateful, excited to be marrying a man who can cook a ROAST lamb. (It was his first ever attempt and it was an epic win.
 Yams!!!! (and pumpkin, potato, Kumara, with rosemary and garlic. Oh yes it was.

 And bless. {WE} made gravy from scratch. That is, with the pan juices, and flour and stuff.
(the coolest part is really that it's HIS gravy boat.)

Bridey competitions.
I was almost thinking of asking Widge to enter for me, as her luck with winning stuff is uncanny....

That is my Thursday.
We are off to the Queen Charlotte Sounds where the boys holiday house is for a long weekend tomorrow, so bring that on. (yes, OF COURSE I'm bragging.) lol