Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day two...

So, I have this wedding dress.

My birth mother (mama T) bought it for me actually last year. (yes. before he even asked me. hey, it was always going to happen, we are just THAT couple.)

And when I was in Australia recently we picked it up and I brought it home with me.
It is stunning, obviously... and Praise The Lord (P.T.L) it still fits me.

But I was feeling like I could do a bit to help myself tone up. (yeah. who couldn't right...)
So I have decided to try walking and jogging with Roo to school.

Oh, I forgot to say. 3 sprogs. "Pop" girl- 13  "BB"boy - 11  "Roo"  boy-8

So I'm jogging.  and towing him along on his ripstick (like a skateboard but supremely unridable for adults.)  And my leg is aching as I am unfit. Well, ok, to be fair, considering that my  exercise 'regime' is catergorised as 'dormant' I am not doing too badly, but according to recent studies... I am suppost to GRADUALLY be increasing my distance or something. 
So to go from 'walking to the coffee shop 4 doors down' to 'jogging all the way to Roo's school' I am giving myself a pat on the back, and a small telling off for causing my leg to seize up when I should be GRADUALLY increasing.

when have I ever GRADUALLY done anything?
It's all or nothing with me.... 

I often choose the latter.
Haahum. (coughing noise.)

So, to sum up.. I have a dress.
I am trying to look 'svelte' (is that still a usable word?) 
I will let you know how many days it lasts.

Blog on. 
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  1. do we at least get to see it???????????
    what a tease you are!!!!!

    love and light....
    and congratulations

  2. Go you! I have been trying to bike but my butt hurts like really bad... It's worse than giving birth. but I will keep on trucking on with the biking, sore butt and all.... oh and the pot holes on the earthquake ruined roads make it so much worse!
    Can't wait to meet ring and dress tomorrow :p