Monday, 16 May 2011

Numero Uno.

I so love a new page.
I used to LOVE opening up a fresh new diary, writing "this belongs to..." on the inside of the front cover, then introducing myself to the new book.

Thats not weird.

So, I am starting this new blog, as I am now embarking on a new journey.
One of hope and longevity.
One where to keep the pace steady, is to survive.

I'm getting (re) married baby!!!!


So, just to start the morning off,
I'd like to dedicate this song, to myself.....
I hope it works.


  1. Congratulations!! I hope you two will be very happy together! I love that song, although I'm Mrs Robertson, I always feel like God loves me when I hear it in a shop or something!!

  2. Coo-coo-ca-choo mrs R........Jesus loves you more than you would know oh oh oh ;)

  3. " Most of all you have to hide it from the kids" bahhhhaaaa. how true that was 13 months ago! lol

  4. it's really hard to write a word verif on predictive txt

  5. So love a fresh new diary (just started one the other day). Liking that mustache too. xoxo

  6. baaaahaaaa widge!!!!! I can't getthe damn thing lined up right. grrrrrrr

  7. Sorry P.J the mustache didn't make it into the final round! lol

  8. I'm here!

    Love and Light

  9. Hey! Now I want to go and buy a new journal just for the first page. My prob is that I have 3 million half empty journals around my house already. MMM not much of a diary keeper.
    BTW Vanessa McGeoch is an old friend of mine. I lived with her after I had my son, went to her wedding, have done some major parts of my life with her. Small world that you know her. HAHA

  10. Far out!! Major small world! Don't think they do the Church thing now? not sure. Her step daughter is a good friend of mine, actually they both are (Kris and Sartia) man, NZ is a scary place huh! lol

  11. Loving the song :p Thanks, now with my insomnia I am going to be singing this for two hours now and my sleeping pills will fail to work.... and I will head dance in bed which is legendary in a bed which has wheels on it, I will quietly whisper to Mr Max that it's just a 3.7 darling go back to sleep....