Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's a thing.
Being thankful.
I used to do a bit of a Thankful Thursday thing...
God is doing a buttload of stuff in my life at the moment, and I have to remember to say... "Thankyou."
Sometimes I say it with a bit of a questionmark inferred on the end... "Thankyou??"
When you just don't really understand His ways, His timing or His motive...
For arguments sake I will assume {always} that His motive is love.

Here are some pictures of things I am grateful for.

 The GORGEOUS cupcake collection 4 doors down from my place, where they play 40's music and make you feel like a princess. It's major brownie points as a mum when I take Pop there.

 So Thankful, grateful, excited to be marrying a man who can cook a ROAST lamb. (It was his first ever attempt and it was an epic win.
 Yams!!!! (and pumpkin, potato, Kumara, with rosemary and garlic. Oh yes it was.

 And bless. {WE} made gravy from scratch. That is, with the pan juices, and flour and stuff.
(the coolest part is really that it's HIS gravy boat.)

Bridey competitions.
I was almost thinking of asking Widge to enter for me, as her luck with winning stuff is uncanny....

That is my Thursday.
We are off to the Queen Charlotte Sounds where the boys holiday house is for a long weekend tomorrow, so bring that on. (yes, OF COURSE I'm bragging.) lol


  1. Mmm - roast lamb! Love your thankfullness and that cupcake place looks amazing.

  2. ip, you would totally love it. I wanted to link to it, but they didn't even have a website!! unreal!

  3. love the gratitude attitude!!!
    it's all good

    love and light