Monday, 30 May 2011

Following in your footsteps widge

I actually did it.
I deleted my facebook.
You may scoff and say "um, so? " but it's kind of a big deal to me...
I was on there for 4 years.
Ok, so not 4 years straight, but having said that, if you added up how much time I spent on there, it may come to about 6 months in total, without even moving from my ' suction seat" as james and I call it.

And why?
Why did I join facebook?
To begin with, I joined it because a friend told me to. (thats how we got Widge hooked too)
And I always had (have) an obsession with getting notes, and mail (the real kind, like from a letterbox) and checking things and rechecking things (ok, not in an OCD "if I don't flick the light switch 14 times, I'll get hit by a bus" kind of checking) but you know, getting messages has always kind of done it for me.
So, facebook was like getting notes, but 10 times more extreme.
Then I got too many 'friends'
(this happened year after year. It's not the first time I've culled then deleted it!)
Then I got real life people actually upset with me about it,
and that was where I drew the line.
If I can actually hurt someones feelings by 'deleting them' off face book , something is wrong with how I am conducting my friendships.
I should be having more coffees with these people, and less internet time...

I maintain.... FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL LIFE people.
I promise you.
So, I decided to delete it.
Family, close friends, the lot of ya.
But do you what...
I STILL like you!!
Crazy huh!!
(insert rolling of eyes.)

All that said, I so badly wanted to go on the computer this morning that I logged in and blogged about this.
I promise I will give you something good soon.
I promise.
(anyway, it's for me, not for you!)


  1. good for you Megs
    I hear it is a "killer" to give up

    welcome back to the world of the up close and personal!

    love and light

  2. Good job Meg! Very well put. You'll be putting hours back into your life.