Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what the heck?

He's 11.

He shaved for the first time last night. At his dad's where he is living at the moment.
It's very strange. I'm glad though, as it needed to be done. And... it actually does make a difference... he looks better. Sorry B.B but you do... really.

I had the privilege of hanging out with a bridesmaid to be today. Thanks Stina, it was very much fun.
We went down to the very very cute cupcake collection, and didn't have a cupcake. :)
But did spend a very long time sipping away at coffee and discussing how the habits of our forefathers become our own. (or our Mens.)

Also, we discussed different appropriate shades of mauve.

Then, this afternoon I sat down and forced myself to do my taxes.

Yip, like a real grown up. (actually it's really only because I can't afford an accountant!)

The other door that I am deciding weather or not to walk through, is another job.
It's basically providing home help for around the first month of a newborn baby's mum.
The pay is pretty decent, so it's tempting.
But I have never been very good at the whole 'dinner prep slash cleaning skills' so.... I will ask God and James....They are my go-to Guys. ;)

Thats all. for now....

Mauve? Does it go well with vintage navy (yes, thats a real colour...)

Meg xx


  1. oh my goodness if you don't want that job I'll take it! seriously I will...
    what the heck did he shave?????....

  2. LOL
    what the heck did he shave...LOL

    mauve and vintage navy???
    sounds palatable

    love and light

  3. He shaved his face!~ He had an actual mustache. Yeah I will probably take the job. it's within Christchurch so would be hard to do the travel Widge .... but I'll [pass on the details as they may have one in Goon?

  4. Loved the day with you, still have visions of you nearly getting run over by that car. Don't do that to me again...
    Good luck with the job babe, you would be great doing that job. You are an inspiration to many including myself and you easily do that by just being you, being Meg :)