Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being Bridey

(p.S at the beginning. the pictures really have no relevance. I just wanted to post some.)
I'm checking out my first venue today!
If it goes like everything else in the last year has, I'll probably decide it's 'the one' before checking out anything else.  (nudge nudge wink wink honey...) hehe.
We are trying to achieve smallness, cuteness, affordability, and uniqueness.

 It's bloody hard work.

But, I am NOT going to become too bridey about it.
I will not be a bridezilla. (I repeat this every morning at breakfast)
Not really.

Mostly I just want to have a few 'ducks in a row' so I can start doing all the crafty stuff and collecty stuff 
(when did I start putting a 'y' at the end of every word?! I blame James..) 
I think I will enjoy it.

So anyway!!!

If you want to see what I am wanting to achieve (big risk here, it may end up looking nothing like this and I'll feel stink) then take a look at what has or will probably replace facebook for window-shopping-addicted girls : PINTEREST  

And as for everything else, it's just a matter of keeping on trucking really.
{BTW... what the heck does that even mean?}

I am still jogging to school in the mornings with my Roo, but it is starting to get very very cold. there is frost on the ground and the motivation is hard.... so I'm wondering if I should just slip into the gym for $5 lunch sessions...

I did that thing last night where I looked through a bunch of photos of myself from about 10 years back and thought "My gosh, I was so skinny??!!! " And at the time i was whinging! So, my only worry is that in another 10 years time, I will be in the same boat! um, question... do you keep getting bigger and saggier? seriously??

Is there a cream for that?
Oh well, you can't put a price on seratonin release  via exercise! It is winter afterall, and I am SO NOT going to get the winter blues this year.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Following in your footsteps widge

I actually did it.
I deleted my facebook.
You may scoff and say "um, so? " but it's kind of a big deal to me...
I was on there for 4 years.
Ok, so not 4 years straight, but having said that, if you added up how much time I spent on there, it may come to about 6 months in total, without even moving from my ' suction seat" as james and I call it.

And why?
Why did I join facebook?
To begin with, I joined it because a friend told me to. (thats how we got Widge hooked too)
And I always had (have) an obsession with getting notes, and mail (the real kind, like from a letterbox) and checking things and rechecking things (ok, not in an OCD "if I don't flick the light switch 14 times, I'll get hit by a bus" kind of checking) but you know, getting messages has always kind of done it for me.
So, facebook was like getting notes, but 10 times more extreme.
Then I got too many 'friends'
(this happened year after year. It's not the first time I've culled then deleted it!)
Then I got real life people actually upset with me about it,
and that was where I drew the line.
If I can actually hurt someones feelings by 'deleting them' off face book , something is wrong with how I am conducting my friendships.
I should be having more coffees with these people, and less internet time...

I maintain.... FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL LIFE people.
I promise you.
So, I decided to delete it.
Family, close friends, the lot of ya.
But do you what...
I STILL like you!!
Crazy huh!!
(insert rolling of eyes.)

All that said, I so badly wanted to go on the computer this morning that I logged in and blogged about this.
I promise I will give you something good soon.
I promise.
(anyway, it's for me, not for you!)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Wedding Fever...

Sorry.... I forgot to post!!
Not really.
Have I been busy?
Not really....
But I have been ON THE HUNT.

I am becoming a keen wedding expert.
Seriously, you think I'd know more, being a wedding photographer and all...

Do you want to know the honest truth?
Sometimes... I've been to weddings... and cringed.

Yip. I'm a terrible person.
But, at least they had good taste in photography right? ;)
And I would always enjoy the lovey bits about the wedding...
But I'm such a finicky person when it comes to my 'dream wedding'.
I don't mean finicky expensive, but I want a certain look and feel.

here is what my wedding would look like, if I could wave a magic wand.
You are witnessing a virtual tour of my Muriel's scrap book.
(widge calls me Muriel, after Muriels wedding the movie, as I have had this scrap book of wedding stuff long before James actually even asked me.... lol )

So yip.
And you may think I'm obsessed now.
You wait.
But actually...
I'm enjoying it.
I'm not very good with that whole putting my foot down though, and on the other side, am having to learn the art at 'Letting it go" 
So, to sum up..
I like wedding planning, I know what I DON'T want
I want a magic wand
and I want to make it the most special day ever. 

Easy. aye? 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Me and my kid.

He was my buddy before he turned 5, then he was my school attending buddy.
Now he's my jogging buddy.
He's always good for a hug, always tells me he loves me, makes me smile all the time, and reminds me why I don't mind being a mum.  {all the time} 

- not everyday, but enough that it over rides the times he makes me want to gnaw off my own arms.

Love you Roo.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what the heck?

He's 11.

He shaved for the first time last night. At his dad's where he is living at the moment.
It's very strange. I'm glad though, as it needed to be done. And... it actually does make a difference... he looks better. Sorry B.B but you do... really.

I had the privilege of hanging out with a bridesmaid to be today. Thanks Stina, it was very much fun.
We went down to the very very cute cupcake collection, and didn't have a cupcake. :)
But did spend a very long time sipping away at coffee and discussing how the habits of our forefathers become our own. (or our Mens.)

Also, we discussed different appropriate shades of mauve.

Then, this afternoon I sat down and forced myself to do my taxes.

Yip, like a real grown up. (actually it's really only because I can't afford an accountant!)

The other door that I am deciding weather or not to walk through, is another job.
It's basically providing home help for around the first month of a newborn baby's mum.
The pay is pretty decent, so it's tempting.
But I have never been very good at the whole 'dinner prep slash cleaning skills' so.... I will ask God and James....They are my go-to Guys. ;)

Thats all. for now....

Mauve? Does it go well with vintage navy (yes, thats a real colour...)

Meg xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day two...

So, I have this wedding dress.

My birth mother (mama T) bought it for me actually last year. (yes. before he even asked me. hey, it was always going to happen, we are just THAT couple.)

And when I was in Australia recently we picked it up and I brought it home with me.
It is stunning, obviously... and Praise The Lord (P.T.L) it still fits me.

But I was feeling like I could do a bit to help myself tone up. (yeah. who couldn't right...)
So I have decided to try walking and jogging with Roo to school.

Oh, I forgot to say. 3 sprogs. "Pop" girl- 13  "BB"boy - 11  "Roo"  boy-8

So I'm jogging.  and towing him along on his ripstick (like a skateboard but supremely unridable for adults.)  And my leg is aching as I am unfit. Well, ok, to be fair, considering that my  exercise 'regime' is catergorised as 'dormant' I am not doing too badly, but according to recent studies... I am suppost to GRADUALLY be increasing my distance or something. 
So to go from 'walking to the coffee shop 4 doors down' to 'jogging all the way to Roo's school' I am giving myself a pat on the back, and a small telling off for causing my leg to seize up when I should be GRADUALLY increasing.

when have I ever GRADUALLY done anything?
It's all or nothing with me.... 

I often choose the latter.
Haahum. (coughing noise.)

So, to sum up.. I have a dress.
I am trying to look 'svelte' (is that still a usable word?) 
I will let you know how many days it lasts.

Blog on. 
 pic grabbed prom pinterest 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Numero Uno.

I so love a new page.
I used to LOVE opening up a fresh new diary, writing "this belongs to..." on the inside of the front cover, then introducing myself to the new book.

Thats not weird.

So, I am starting this new blog, as I am now embarking on a new journey.
One of hope and longevity.
One where to keep the pace steady, is to survive.

I'm getting (re) married baby!!!!


So, just to start the morning off,
I'd like to dedicate this song, to myself.....
I hope it works.