Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Welcome to your backwards life

I didn't get the Holly House job..
That actually seems like it was an extremely long time ago.
I asked them to give me some reasons and they did, albeit long winded sentences strung together to make the job sound like I was unable to do it justice in any form, which I know would not have been the case.

Her advice to me? (only because I asked)
Contact the Polytechnic and inquire about a diploma in social work.

Awesome, thanks guys, I hadn't thought of that at all.
*rolls eyes*

I guess that will learn me for being too ambiguous when I ask for advice.

So I asked God instead.
what I thought I heard was something about 'hang in there, I'm preparing you'
I have no concept of what hang in or prepare is/are.
Thats not my forte at all.
Which means either I DEFINITELY heard God ;) or that I was talking to myself again.

I chose to ignore the latter and believe it was Him...
Although, going by the next few calls I made, one might question my 'obedience'?

I went for a lunch date.
With the always freaking amazing Deb ( Works in progress )
We had Maccas because she had some small people with her.
I actually think it's because they had hot apple pies that day, because we both caved and had one...

I digress

We got talking about jobs we want to do, and I was in this 'meg turmoil' as I didn't know what 'hang in there I'm preparing you' meant, and also, I felt that the tracks were changing on my somewhat railroading journey and it was time...
I knew what area {'field'} I wanted to get into, but not which of the 12 doors (ok 3) to go through to get there.

So the issue of a degree came up.
You know... the one which takes 3 years at university (or 7... depending on your circumstances ;) )
The idea of enrolling at Massey came up.
Several times.
Anyone here believe in divine encounters?
At McDonalds?

It felt a little like that.
Suddenly this thing, (this huge thing in my head) seemed reachable.
Not even the end goal.. just the first step through the door.
It seemed that after all my backwards living; having a child as a child, getting married, mothering, divorce, healing, getting married (oh man....) and finally, getting an education so maybe one day I can be in a position to help someone like me...

Had not been irrelevant.
It seemed like the right door.

So, I enrolled at Massey
To do a Bachelor of Science with a ..... Psychology major.

Of course I still have to get my 'offer of place' and my ever increasing student loan approved

But if all of that goes through
I will officially be a broke, but ambitious uni student.

I feel I have Deb to thank.
You'll have to ask her why ;)



  1. Good on you Meg. I reckon that it's definitely God telling you to hang on in there - He does not give dreams only to rip them away. He does not play with our hearts like that.

    I'm thinking about a return to study. I will watch you with great interest!

  2. Good on you and good luck. Mature students are awesome!!!

  3. Oh such a cool post!!!! We are brave girls!!!

  4. yay!!good on ya!
    I wanna study too!!!....
    too poor at the mo tho

  5. Mature student :)
    sounds so not young

  6. Timing and preparation - those things we cannot really grasp until we are on the other side. This sounds like such a great step for you. Good on you!

  7. Awesome! Well done for taking that first step xo