Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy (est) Mothers day

It was such a lovely day!!

I got presents from all the kids

A card from Ben that made me sweet-cry (he actually said 'feel free to cry' in it...) and a block of white choccy!! NomNom
A blue Mountain pottery jug from Pop which goes with my deer... LOVE
A letter posted from school from Roo (I sweet cried at that one too.)

It felt real good to be their mumma today.
Got a coffee too!

I asked James to take a photo of me and them as my final present, as I don't have  a recent one anywhere..

this was the result:

Then we finished the courtyard out the back.
Such a beautiful warm day...

Couldn't complain (too much) really!!!

I made this.... I think the top one was taken 4 years ago.

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