Monday, 7 May 2012

Once you go black.....

I dyed my hair black.

I was going for 'my cute asian girlfriend wife' (due to being 1/4 Japanese)

I may have failed quite remarkably now I think I look more like Angelica Huston.

James was not quite as excited as I was hoping....

It was not our best moment.

Today was a bit shit.

Looks better up than down.

That is all.


  1. I actually love it. Ya gotta try stuff.

  2. I wanna see it down!!
    looks totally fine, although I've always loved a certain shade white blonde on you best, think you had it about 4 years or so ago...
    James will get used to it, Mike hates fringes and I had one for years :)I'm tempted to chop it in again every other day

  3. I removed all the dye (it then was an amazing shade of red) then applied a slightly less scary brown... the jury is still out tho, as the shower cap is still on as I type...