Thursday, 10 May 2012

Here's to

So I have applied for a job at Holly House
A residential home for teenage mums.
It's a job I have always wanted to do when I 'grew up'
As I was pregnant when I was a mere 15, and had my daughter when I was 16.
My 16th birthday before I had told most people.... 
Pregnant with her.... about to pop!
Someone once gave me a 'word' that I would help young mums.
Also it was spoken over me at the wedding that I would 'speak' I would use my voice to reach others (speaking isn't the issue, it's what I say that seems to have the power to cause change or in bad circumstances offense!)
- He also said I was a bit 'wild' - in the good sense. I was so happy that finally that word has been used as a positive adjective....

So I applied for this job.
It was a random kind of chance that I even saw the ad.

My faith that I will GET the job is about as minute as it could be, as I have no pieces of paper saying that I  have the right to work with young people in 'at risk' situations...

Oh, well except for Pop's birth certificate.... :)

And also James is wanting to make some changes in his life too..
And I feel like I should be there to support that...

Don't worry, his hair will still be the same colour....

(these are all a bit damaged with wear)

So, I really don't know what will happen. I havn't heard anything from them, and it's been nearly a week, so I'm not overly hopeful, but I can always volunteer.
Sometimes I'm so Grateful to NOT know what God's 'mega plan' for my life is.... 
Coz I'm sure I would kick and scream at the concept of it..
Until He whispers that He does actually know what he's doing with me... 

I hate waiting.



  1. I realise that I have basically repeated a post I wrote a few days ago. But I hadn't ACTUALLY applied for it then.... and, you know... this one has photos.
    Just saying.

  2. Meg, your story beats close to my own, and what I know to be true is that God ALWAYS uses our past to outwork our destiny. Working with young teenage mums is a rewarding, challenging and fun job. It will make you question a whole lot about the world, reflect on your own journey and in some circumstances strip you of yourself. I am a changed woman for having done it. I really hope you get the job, but if you dont thats ok. It doesnt mean the end, ask them what they were looking for, volunteer there, enrol in some courses and chase your dream. I look forward to hearing the outcome. xxx

  3. I hope you get the job too, but if not this one, then the one He really needs to have. His plans are greater than ours right?
    You have SO much to give and experience to share. Qualified by that and your heart! I look forward to seeing where He leads you in all this.

  4. So exciting - and like you said Meg, even volunteering can open amazing doors later on. I totally believe you are going to have a major influence over lives and help to bring support and change. xoxo