Thursday, 9 June 2011

CHC Bloggers

Today I was invited to hang with the very awesome or (arsum) as Miriam says it... CHC bloggers!
it was very cool to be able to put faces to names, even tho I am a self confessed rubbish follower at the best of times!

But... it was cool.
Miriam suggested a wee trip to a place called The painted room, an antiques store, full of inspiration...
Ok, that doesn't even begin to describe it.
It was a place of utter heaven on earth for me.
If I had had the balls I would have actually SQUEALED very VERY loudly when we walked in.
Other than all the divine chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, there was gorgeous recovered antique furniture, beautiful tea cups and saucers, amazing clothing, and JEWELERY!!! I tried on a 2.5k ring.
I was in heaven. Seriously.
Does this mean I am getting old? ............

 My New Girl crush, Miss Miriam the stylie.....

 Me and my bff Widge.
 She will actually KILL me for posting this. Meh, I have the power!

 Blurry Widgey making some fabric decisions

 The tiny little Diamond and aquamarine ring is the one I tried on. Trust me, that puppy is FANtastic.



  1. hinty mc hintyson Mr Robinson ;) ;)

    and hahahaha just been gushing over Miriam to gooseman and he referred to her as my new girl crush too. heehee



  2. love and light

  3. WHY DID I GO HOME BEFORE YOU GOT THERE???? Grrr to pretending to be a good mother who feeds, changes and put her wee boy to bed (the poor wee thing crashed out big style in his car seat)!
    Had a great time yesterday, good to meet you. Can't wait to do it again.
    ummm, another one here who shares your girl crush...

  4. P.S. I think blogger is trying to tell me something, the word verification was "quitr!!!"

  5. Oh ladies - reciprocating the crushies and feeling VERY words of affirmation-ed! can I just say xxx

  6. That shop is amazing!!!!! I need to fly down just to check it out I think.

  7. JEALOUS - I need to come down there and buy out that shop. or just one of those rings.

    (I found you again. You can try running but there is no hiding! Ha!)

  8. Hope you are okay after todays shakes. We have power and water if you need it. Lots of love xxx