Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shes a mod shes a mod she's a mod yeah yeah yeah

Ok, actually she turned 13....

She wanted a sleepover with friends for her celebratory event, so I said yes.On the condition that we could hold it at James's house as it's 12 times bigger and warmer than the pavlova icebox that I live in.
He said that was fine. (oh, it was him that I had to ask, not Pop, she likes it there!)
So we decided on a loose theme of 'camping' for the party. (don't worry, I'm not really committed enough to fully do a real 'themed' party, no-one came in poly propylene or with gas cookers... )

However we did manage to fit a tent into the formal (or 'retro') lounge. and I hung up paper bunting.
(which by the way was INSANELY hard to photograph properly.

In fact really I was only writing about this SO I could post my bunting photos.
I actually only FOUND OUT it was called bunting when I met Miriam!!! (Make it Give it)

Jake holding up my bunting efforts in the pavlova icebox.

I also said they could toast marshmallows over the fire.
Ok, well James doesn't actually HAVE a fire, and you can hardly get a good toasted mallow by holding it up to the heatpump, so I found a candle and set that up on a fondue stand (as I made the chocolate ganache for their fondue. 

Ahhhhh, it looked so yummy.... 

It's a candle in a coconut shell. and yes 2 of the girls do actually appear to be toasting grapes. Issues much?

The tent thing worked, and they watched DVD's and talked till about 3 in the morning.
I tried to ignore them as much as humanly possible, as there are somethings I think it's best to just NOT hear.
But, I did do the "ok girls, really... some people are trying to sleep, I don't care if you are still awake, but WHISPER for the love of all things!"

I thought I'd have a chance of a bit of a sleep in due to the junk food hangovers they would all be enduring, but alas, they were up at about 8. 

Sigh.... But, thats it. No more parties till, what, 21???? 

My super cool boyfriend slash fiance has a very cool feature wall made by using a roll of vintage Maurice Kain curtain fabric stretched across the wall.  Went well with the bunting! 

Hard to see the bunting flag things coz of the light, but you get the gist...

Tenting fun!!!!!


  1. Awesomesauce. Can't believe you only just found out the name after 2 years of blogging where bunting is the staple decrotive flair! ;) haha at the grapes

  2. I'm so pleased to have extended your decor vocab - that lounge looks supremley funky BTW!!

  3. Your bunting is seriously amazing!!!