Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yeah, pretty much.

We had ANOTHER earthquake.
Apparently as big as the last one, although not as shallow.

There are so many very quiet questions I have
{do I really want to live here? But what choice do I possibly have}

Again, praise the good Lord my family was safe.
The first one sent me nearly flying off the treadmill at my friends house, so we just bailed and went to pick up the kids.
Proof! Do not ask why I got Mel to take this!!! 
On arrival I found that the kids were fine, there was no 'fire line' (rows of kids standing in class lines on the back field) and the teachers seemed comfortable to let us return home without the kids in tow (although of course had we known it was just the start of them, we would have taken them immediately!)
So I turned around feeling a little silly and decided to check out the area around where I was treadmilling it as I had heard there was a building down. Yes, I am THAT stupid.

So, I got 3/4 of the way there, and the 6.3 hit while I was in the car.
I tell ya what, nothing compares to that.
well, ok, being thrown off a treadmil (ok, NEARLY thrown off) was pretty darn exciting (should I take it as a sign the earth thinks my body is ready? lol)
It was as if 4 strong men (you know, the kind that do those 'ripping up phone books for Jesus' shows) were holding each corner of my car and rocking it around. Also, watching power lines sway above your car is somewhat disconcerting.
I was watching the lady in the 4wd behind me with her hands over her mouth just riding it out..
so once it stopped I jumped out of the car (we had all come to a standstill) and gave her and the lady behind her the  "two thumbs up to ask if you are ok" move.
She smiled. She was ok.

So then,  with the kids Dad texting me asking if 'now I was getting the kids?' as he was sick at home, I texted yes, and abad word, and put my foot to the ground so angry that I hadn't just stayed at home after the first one.
Then, my phone went flat.
my iPhone! My baby!!
So, I got the kids, and all was fine. we ditched the car at one point as the traffic was so bad, walked home, and kind of just absorbed the current affairs.
With no power.

That night we were lucky to be able to go and camp at James's again. Safe, warm, and powerfied.
(it's a word.)

So, now, we are back to boiling water, taking bottles of it to school, and the old "if it's yellow let it mello if it's brown flush it down'.

Ironically we have JUST had all the portaloos in our area removed..... giving us somewhat of a false sense of security....
(is that an appropriate use of the word ironic? I always get that one wrong...)
Sorry there aren't more interesting pictures for me to post.
I am just a bit over the sad destruction this earthquake has caused.

Might be time to move to the promised land..... @ Widge


  1. yip im over it. Sleepless nights with Mr J have returned and back to square one. I have to go to work today, it sux. A very unmotivating time here at the mo. You should see our street it has big mole piles of silt, It resembles a dirtbike track! It shall be very interesting how the heck I am gonna get to work!

  2. it sucks. Goon got broke this time too (we even have a cordon)! flash

  3. No way!!!! It must have been weakened from the first ones.... poor goon.... :(

  4. thinking of you and your family dear Megs!

    love and light