Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bliss bluss bloss bossy

Don't worry, I didn't really get it either.

We went to the bay with all 5 kids for the long weekend (Canterbury holiday)

I should really stop there, because that, in itself is a huge HUGE step for us.
To be fair, James's parents took his kids and we took mine, but still...
5 kids, 2 parents, 2 in laws, and a little bit of rain.

Benj had never been to the bay before so it was all new to him. 
He loved it. 
He was already asking when we can go back.

It was interesting seeing the personalities come out when they were spending time doing 'on holiday' things and not glued to a screen like at home..
I could quite easily see who was fighting to be alpha dog...
There were only a few moments where it felt a little 'Lord of the Flies' 

 The house is still a work in progress.
Simplicity is not exactly a feature.
Sometimes I view it a little bit like scrapbooking. 
Why do you need 4000 buttons and ribbons when the photos should speak for themselves...
Maybe you have to visit Queen Charlotte sounds to get my drift.

We saw dolphins from the house, and almost got to see them up close.
But I won't go into that right now... 

This is my favourite house in the Sounds. 
It reminds us of the Twilight house..
But none of you sophisticated ladies probably know what I mean... do you ;)
It hides away, fairly unassuming.. 
A great example of a sympathetic Sounds house, imho.

There was a point where Pop felt homesick. 
I jokingly said "yeah, it's horrible here isn't it, man, I wish I could go back to ChCh too..." 
She didn't really 'feel' me. I couldn't grasp how you could feel homesick when you were actually WITH your mum at an amazing place. 
Perhaps it was that there were so many NOT family members, doing things rather differently than what she is used too...

I rebelled against my no added sugar fiasco, and had 3 roasted marshmellows... 

There was a time of eel catching...
Can I just say, they are not easy to catch, nor are they pretty. 
This one was just a baby, so they let it go. 

I don't think that we will be returning to this place that James has grown up around.
Not for some time anyway.
I am sad for the children.
I want a place that they can create memories,
like the ones James has. 

But times are changing...
Relationships are strained, and life is, as it has been for an age, taking it's new turns and tumbles.

We shall see, ridiculously huge 
House at the Bay.

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