Friday, 2 November 2012

The end....

Not really. 
Just, the end of being 30 as yesterday was my 31st birthday. It was great. Much better than the year before! 
James was lovely, and I got lots of things I have wanted for a while. Lucky girl. 

Tomorrow marks the end of my first year at Uni, and my last day as a professional photographer. (but, really, like I'm ever going to stop taking photos).

I have my final exam at 9.15am and my final wedding at 3.00pm


I like to think that it really was out of my hands.

Each morning has consisted of pretty much the same routine (as mentioned in previous posts..) 
Get up, get kids ready and out the door, sit down, eat breakfast - new fav is pomegranate and porridge)
boil jug for bottomless coffee
And... hit the books. 

Somedays I actually want to HIT the books..

It's been amazing. I feel like my brain is going through neurogenesis (see what I did there) 
I think everyone should have a go at studying as an adult at some point, it's so totally different than when we were at highschool (for one thing, I'm not pregnant yet!)

 I love the fact that I love what I am studying, it keeps me going.
Ha, I say this now, but I have two stats papers to complete next year, plus 5 others.....

The kids wanted to get me something for my birthday yesterday. I asked for a painting of something (anything) The card on the left is from my lovely mother-in-law and the painting on the right is from Pop.... so funny, they are so similar with no correspondence between the two of them!

James got me this art deco ice server, although I had no idea what it was at first! 
We have this amazing antique shop that we love to go to (how it survived in the earthquake I'll never understand) and he bought it from there. 
I adore that my husband knows how to shop for me. 

I had just assumed he'd do a quick dash to the mall... 
I should never have underestimated him!
Love you hun.

So, tomorrow, I sit the exam.
I'm not too nervous, but there's still time for that! ;) 

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  1. Happy Birthday my dear! I'm so proud of you and I can't believe it's already a year of study. Well done! Woohooo!