Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Good things take time.

I got accepted to Canterbury University.

I am happy about this.

I'm actually super proud of what I have achieved this year, as it hasn't been easy. 
I have enjoyed it, and enjoyed knowing that my brain still works after all these years. 

I doubt that I will be able to blog next year, as I think I will be studying around the 60 hour a week mark. 
But it is something is is important to me. I feel I am going in the direction I am 'meant' to go in. 
I am not going to waste my time in a job I hate, for the rest of my life. 
Or equally as bad, keep on trying to run my own business when it has dwindled to a dribble post earthquake. I am worth more than that, and so, here I am.
So, not that this blog gets read much, but thankyou to those that take the time to read my ramblings.
I am here, but not, if that makes sense.

Some things are just better left unblogged. 

Over and Out x

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