Sunday, 16 October 2011

We had a busy weekend..
Roo turned 9 today (the 16th)
He's my baby.
I feel fine, but he will just have to tolerate the fact that no matter how old he gets, I will always want to pick him up and rock him.
Oh long may it last that he still wants to kiss me ON THE LIPS.
Roo age 3 or 4
I am such a physical- touch- as- my- love- language- person.
Which is good, as so is James.
Or maybe thats new for me...
I don't remember ever being a physical touch person... I was always an 'acts-of-service-as-my-love-language" person....

Hmmmmm.... maybe it's all about the one you love...


I actually wanted to have a moan about how HARD it is to come home every second Sunday...
It's part of the routine.
I stay with the kids at James's on the alternate weekend (ie, when we HAVE all the kids)
then take them home Sunday evening and start the "week where I don't see him till Wednesday"
Ok, so I know that you may be gagging, as it sounds like I'm 13 years old,
This is the beautiful place that I love... the bluebells by the river....
BUT...... we've been together for just over 18 months and I still miss him on Sundays. (and Mondays and Tuesdays...)

Thats good right?
Date night
I've never actually had that before, so I'm just saying....

Like, I actually feel low, and cruddy and irritable and missyish and I hate it!
I can't WAIT to be married so we can live together and cuddle and kiss (gag ? yuuus!) and blob out and fix up the damn cars (my mini is looking sad and unloved) and go to bed at a normal hour so that we don't feel like we are wasting time units by SLEEPING instead of talking....

I look forward to marriage.
I look forward to being tied together with my best friend, for life.
I look forward to actually being able to go "hi, this is my HUSBAND James" instead of something mumbly and rubbish like "hi, this is my boyfriend, partner fiance type person, James"
Semantics? I think not....

It's 4 months and 3 weeks to go.
- At some point I was going to tone up and look fabulous (ok, MORE fabulous, I look pretty good for 3 kids and nearly 30) - (this is me doing positive affirmations)
There is no tick box for *Tone up and make your butt sing* in the to do lists for the wedding....

Better see about that....


Oh, we went to the zoo for Roo's 9th birthday, it was so much fun.
To be fair, I'd probably go there without kids too, I really like the zoo...

Feeding the lions ;-)

You wait for this trained pig to open it's mouth and then you drop a piece of fruit or vege in there.
It is the grossest thing. Really. 

Roo was freaked out by the girraffe! This is his step bro to be 'Boo', feeding it a branch

Pop and Boo
Over and Out.

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  1. Happy Birthday to R0o!!!
    I still remember visiting you both in the hospital exactly 9 years ago today and newsboy was an actual baby crawling around on the floor. In Sane.
    oh yes and the video of his birth, over ricebubble cake and egg sammies...never to be forgotten!