Thursday, 13 October 2011

School Holiday Fun

The kids and I have two days together in the school holidays.
One Thursday a week.
So I wanted to do something fun...

Pop had been trying dissection at school.
Sheep hearts, and she LOVED it.
(Go figure, my vegetarian wanna be daughter who feels sorry for flies and spiders when they get killed...)

So... after much searching we managed to track down some hearts (and kidneys)
And some special knives
And some sciency looking tweezers
And they got to work.
It was Rad.

Not as cheap as you'd think, but I know that they will want to do it again, so I was ok about it...
I reckon it's pretty cool.
Felt really proud of my little weirdo's today :)

I found it really fascinating watching the kids do this. They sat side by side at the kitchen bench (which got a thorough cleaning!)  And they really enjoyed it.  They were both really cooperative, it was great!


  1. My boys would love doing this!!!

  2. oops I think I changed pages too soon so my last comment disappeared - fyi you are the coolest and grossest mama ever! (in a good way!)

  3. yup
    it is official
    you are crazy mamma!
    so good

    love and light