Monday, 19 September 2011

A new Season

I have a NEW JOB!!
I want to say a 'real job' as I have an employer who pays me, a team who work beside me, and a time sheet to sign at the end of the day!
As of today I  work at a well known toyshop (who's having visions of Mr Magoriums wonder emporium? ) ;)

Not sure if the wee face they drew for me should worry me.... lol

It's great.
I have been searching and searching (and soul searching) for this for months.
I feel like it is straight from God.

{ I say this now in a happy and somewhat endearing way... I may be ripping my hair out come 'Christmas Mad Season Time at which point you can all have a quiet laugh to yourself}
But for now, I feel I am actually earning money doing something fun, and enjoyable
(albeit challenging, as it's so new.)

What did the kids say?
"do you get free toys mum?"
"yes kids. they are all free."
- Rolling my eyes.

But, yay for day one ticked off!


  1. Yay - congratulations Meg!! So exciting. I grew up in a toyshop (my parents owned one for 7 years) and always had kids at school ask if I got the toys for free - haha!

    God is awesome!!

  2. Oh cute You actually ARE natalie portman then!!

  3. WHOOP!!!
    I went to polytechnic today and got some books and stuff and walked around pretending I was a student for awhile. I almost sat in the cafe to really try it on for size and drink a coffee but I had my dog in the car...tomorrow I'm testing uni! :)

  4. Oh man, thats sooo funny!! I wish I had been there for that!!!!!!!Wear a backpack next time.... oh the visuals....
    Did anything sit well with you?

  5. Woo hoo! So happy for you! Hope you keep this level of enthusiasm for your job.

  6. Congrats mate - awesome!!

  7. Congrats! Another notch in the "why my mums cool-as" belt!