Monday, 5 September 2011


I have been collecting old jars and bottles in all shapes and sizes for our wedding in March..
We are sort of going for a vintage, semi kitschy theme... which also suits our tiny budget!

I bought these beauties off trade me for $16 (for the lot!) there are old, highly collectable cream and milk bottles from the ACTAUL old days... I was so so pleased.
Thanks God!
(am doing this thing where I try to remember all the blessings along the way.)
(Especially after I sat with me 2 besties today and discussed where I was at with my faith. (well, where we are all at..)
Besties are called besties for a reason.
Ok, thats another thing I'm grateful for.

I got Pop to pick me a few branches from the camellia tree, and popped them in some of my favourite bottles from the bunch.


  1. they look awes..(ya know as in short for awesome)
    man im "coveting" that little cream bottle ;)

  2. Yup I'm a coverting too! I want some milkbottles for milkshakes!