Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Funny isn't it, when you have the ability to go back in time via technology and look at what has been.
The what has been, that has formed the what is and the what is to come.
I swear if someone had told me what I was in for 2 or 4 (or 6) years ago I would probably have bought a one way ticket to Cuba.

And yet, I always find myself wanting to fast forward.
To just hurry up and get to the next bit.
Further more, to want to KNOW whats happening ALL THE TIME..
Control freak.

And if I just stop to remember that I would be in Cuba right now (ok, bad analogy.. I'd LOVE to be in Cuba right now) but anyway..
If I had known the future, without the tools or character to go through it,
I would have been too scared to take a step into it.
Not to say that we should be fearful of the future but to perhaps take 2 minutes to look at one aspect of our now and be thankful for the ignorance.

Just a thought...

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