Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's Real!

So it's nearly 6 months till the big day.
in 10 days it will be 6 months.

Tonight we start our first official pre marriage course.
It's this thing called Prepare.
It will be interesting to see which parts they go through with us, and which bits they kind of 'skip over' lol.
We've both been married for a combined total of 22 years.... so we have actually learnt a couple of things along the way.
All that said, I am interested to see what it brings out about us.

It's a similar sort of process to a thing called 'strength finders' you do a big long test, and it tells you what are your points of weakness and your strengths as a couple.
Some of you will be nodding knowing what I'm going on about!

I'm nervous, and excited.
It all seems very real now...

{thats said with a huge smile and a little bit of epileptic jumping up and down}

Sorry about the language Nan ;)
I just thought this was really cute lol
Over and Out xxxx

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