Monday, 22 August 2011

For Nan

Hi Nan! This ones for you.
It's a lolly scramble of a post, but it is kind of the last wee while all in one, with more pictures than words...

I love you.

If you lived in my house, and you could see the things I see:
You would know what is near and dearest to my heart and where my fears are kept
You would possibly think that its a place of noise, interruption, chaos, negotiation, tears, hugs, laughter, hope and quite often, simply boredom. (my worst thing!)
ANYWAY!! Here it is:

 A wee kitty came to stay with us for a couple of nights. Just long enough that we all got attached to her, then discovered that she actually lived next door.
We had been calling her Juno, but later found out her name was Giggles. Poor thing.
Reluctantly, we gave her back.

 On the 25th of July, Magic happened! It snowed, and it was really really beautiful.
I can't understand how anyone couldn't absolutely love the snow. It was marvelous.
That, and we camped out at James's so it was warm and snowy :)

Scout, age 7. Snow angel.

We had a baby!!!!
Just kidding. Pretty sure I would have emailed you to tell you that.
This was the 6 week old Jack, the son of a client, and we had just finished photographing their family.
James often assists me on shoots when he can, and sometimes shoots aswell.. He has a great eye. (he saw ME didn't he?!! ) lol

Click to see full pic....

This was the finished result. They had it blown up to a GIANT canvas print. Yay for clients with awesome taste in photographers ;)

I was actually starting to feel a bit clucky, but I simply do not have the time to give those thoughts 2 seconds even, in my head. (plus, other more pressing factors.... ) :)
Baby Jack, and wonderful James made a cute pair, but I decided that a small, furry alternative might be more feasible. I was MEANT to kind of sort of wait till we got married to get a cat... but he kind of sort of gave in to my sad eyes, and I bought this rescue cat who we ended up calling Stella.
She's still a bit shy, but I am willing to give her time to come out of her shell. (like, 6 months, or shes out.) (kidding....)

It snowed again!!
This time we were at my place, semi trapped as it was so heavy we couldn't really even play in it for a while!

 Adult jacket, my boots, and bed socks in place of gloves

 We ran out of plastic bags to put on jakes hands to keep them dry, so I fashioned these... hair dying gloves, tied with twine. MACGUYVER  MUCH??! ;)
 Jake and I went to the carpark down the road and made a snow girl. Jake said he didn't want her hair to look like 'an office girls' He wanted her to look pretty. Go figure!!! lol

And lastly, {and mostly for me, as I like pretty things on my blog...}
There is James.
He makes me smile. Every day. 
Thats actually rather a feat. 

Scout and James

Hope that has bought you somewhat more up to date....
Not too many pictures I hope!

Love to you, and anyone else reading out there...

Over and Out xxx


  1. I'm reading! really I love the way you write, though it always seems to make my heart ache... sending {hugs}

  2. ooh thats so nice!! Thanks Deb darling :) And thanks for the hug xxx

  3. Love that snow-girl - trust you to have an artistic, stylish looking creation in the snow.

  4. How ridiculously good looking is that family you photographed?!