Monday, 18 July 2011

School Holidays

What a terrible title.
It's the school holidays for the next two weeks. Usually that would mean I get to sleep in, and the kids would be nagging me all day.
That was then, this is now.
This time, they are all at the YMCA.
The place that has lost all ability to reassure parents that their kids will be in safe hands.
The place where to be a receptionist, you first have to have your smile removed out your butt hole, and then, be taught to look to someone else for appropriate abdication of all responsibilities.

I'm sure that I am being very judgmental.
I feel that seeing as their father and I (and the government, thanks John) are paying around the $600 mark to have them there, perhaps I have the right to be judgmental.
I will perhaps work up the guts to say some of this to them in person  via email.

I have been, and still am looking for a normal job.
Turns out that earthquakes and my business do not mix.
I am sure that there are other photographers who will both agree, and disagree.
For me though, I do not have enough money coming in to feel that my business is succeeding at this present time.

So, I have been trying to convince prospective emlployers that the skills I have obtained as a mother of three, a business owner, and whatever else I have done since I got married in highschool, is enough reason to hire me.
So far, it is very quiet around here.

Which means that God must have something really really outstanding for me to do, and I just don't realise it yet.
-who's thinking that it could be just like God to give me a job as a receptionist at the YMCA?

Don't even get me started on the fact that they do martial arts and yoga in their holiday programme classes.


I am sitting here, downloading some photographs from my camera, hoping that they will be liked by the person that asked me to take them, and I am writing this.

Wow. YMCA programme justified or what......

Not actually the YMCA. :)

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