Monday, 11 July 2011

Ooh Laa laa

We are super stoked with how Pop's room at James's turned out.
Although she doesn't stay there all that often, we felt it was important for her to have somewhere to run and hide from all the boys that take over the house!
(and secretly we really enjoyed painting and decorating it!)
James's did his thing with fixing a hole in the plaster board, and i did my thing with the drawers I did up.
(oh, and he'll probably want me to mention that the chair was all him...)

So, here it is !


  1. I love it! The bunting is awesome and the tea cups etc are so cute.

    p.s. every girl needs a game of battleship hidden under her set of drawers ;)

  2. oooo la la!!!

    love and light

  3. hehe @ P.J yeah, it was a vintage battleship game, I thought it went nicely lol
    I have kind of tried to do a bit of a cup cake collection theme... (its a gorgeous wee cup cake and coffee parlor where they play beautiful 40's and 50's music and everything is blue and roses, and doilies etc. love...