Friday, 8 July 2011

Re hashed

So I was going through pop's stuff, deciding what we could throw out (ahem... recycle to the recycling plant)
And I found these drawers which were not being used, so I decided to try and give Miriam's Furniture decoupaging thing a go...
Mine, isn't nearly as neat or amazing as her's, in fact, mine is more of a 'raggedy paper mache looking version but I think it'll look cool when it's all done. When I sprayed the varnish on though, it has made some of the (very pricey if you buy a meter of it) fabric go see through, so fingers crossed that it will dry better than it has so far...
I had a bit left, so I did this chair too....

It's for Pop's room at James's when we camp there... we just painted it a really nice 'cup cake collection' blue and I am living vicariously through her theming it for her as a bit of a French Chic hideaway.
(3 boys to contest with)
At least when we get hitched she will have a place to call her own.

(now, how to convince him that when I move in I need a chandelier in our room.....)