Friday, 3 August 2012

119.155, 175.101.

Yup, it's been an age since I last posted.
Funny how many of my posts start like that.
I think when you are studying via correspondence, using blog becomes lowest on the list of things to do..
Maybe just above housework.
I have fully plunged into the semester doing two papers to start. (the names are the title of this post.)
I am doing my first year psychology paper, which is awesome. It's like when I found photography. I just knew it was for me.
And I am also struggling along with a communications in science paper.

It's all about academic writing and punctuation and evaluation.
For someone who thrived on the creative and majorly ignored the rules of writing, I am struggling to say the least.
I think this generation must be in trouble.
I bet 30 years ago they didn't still have to teach punctuation to undergrads.

We have forgotten how to use the semi-colon (did we ever actually USE that?!!)

So, I have an essay due in two weeks, a chapter to read in psych that I will be tested on (by the way, a chapter isn't like a normal enjoyable book. It's about 50 pages of INTENSITY, and you have to know it ALL).

In other news, I dyed my hair back to blonde.
It was always going to happen.
It took a weekend, and about 12 bottles of product, but I feel like me again.

I'm so glad I got to trial brunette, but it's just not for me.

This is a little picture story of the process:

From blonde to brown and back again.

Before it all began.

Fringe cut. Check.

Hazelnut colour filler. (So hair doesn't turn green after black goes in.)

Hair dried. This is the point where I should have left it. ....

In goes jet black (read:Asian look) dye.

Brown dye after removal of black dye (no supporting photo. it was a bad night. )
At this stage we are up to product (dye) number 4. 

This was the intended look..
Coming to terms with it after a couple of days...weeks maybe.

Product number 5. Dye removal again. (It didn't quite work.)
But bleach does...... 

The night of the ginga. Actually found this fun... might look into it as a colour option one day.

yellow blonde again! This would equal about product number 9 as there were toners involved also
golden blonde after toning with another ash blonde.
Not that you can tell. 
Went and saw the students at the hair salon in the facility where James studies, and they put back my white blonde highlights....

TA DA!!!

Blonde Meg again! 


  1. this made my day!!
    i totally throw gold and need to tone the guts out of it too, gah.


  2. Ha that is awesome - what a journey from one to another!

  3. yay!! blonde and fringeless is my ultimate fave too (for you) for me quite the opposite! ha

  4. yeah blonde meg; my fave! welcome back. i too have had every [natural] hair-color under the sun. always go back to what i was as child: sandy w/ highlights.