Monday, 11 June 2012


Hey kids...
You know how you are really really irritating sometimes, and I make that face , then leave the room?
And you don't REALLY care, you just keep doing it coz you are kids etc etc....

Oh, and you know how you ALL hate pumpkin?
Well,  hahahaha.... there is no such thing as 'sunshine potato'.
We spiked it with pumpkin.
we've been doing it for weeks.

eat THAT.

I was scrolling through facebook and saw this convo between my son and his best friend.
It cracked me up... good to know they are at least pondering life...

Friends initial status: when you wake up in the morning, how do you know ur not still dreaming?...

My Son:  how do you know if the real world cannot be the realistic one which could also be the dream universe in which the unusual could happen?

Friend: getting deep

  • My son:  what i don't understand is in the dream, you don't know you're dreaming, but in real life, you know that you're not. How does your mind actually tell the difference? What is real? What if the dream is the real world is actually the dream, and when you fall asleep, the other real world simply wakes up! Makes you wonder..

 Made me smile.

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