Thursday, 7 June 2012

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If I believed in karma,
I would tend to think it has begun to unleash itself upon me, as penance for my teenage years of projected irrationality and general disgustingness.

I think my Dad is probably up there smiling down with a sort of endearing grin directed at me.
"now you know what it is like raising a tornado"

I own (or have part shares in) a 14 year old.
Ok, 14 in 2 weeks time.

See, for those of you who also have shares invested in this species, I really don't need to say anything.
You are already nodding your heads and giggling (and/or sipping a red, and sighing.)

They are moody.
They are angry
They are depressive
They are selfish
They are indecisive
They are compulsive
They seek attention

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Mind you, I know some ex wives who also fit this category....
(and I'll be the first to admit that at certain ahem times of the month I certainly do)

I was going to say that there are probably a bunch of do gooder parents waiting to jump on me and say that I am being too negative and that there are wonderful, beautiful things that come from teenagers...
But then I realised that I don't think anyone that reads this probably fits that category.
And if they do they probably don't own shares in a teenage girlwoman.

You want to be nice, and understanding...
You REALLY do...

Until they outright insult you with their faux uber coolness
And their heinous 'isms'

You have to stand back (waaaaay back) and look at it through clinical eyes and surmise that
it's not their fault, they are brain damaged at this point in time (Thankyou oh thankyou Nigel Latta!!!)
and that, yes... I too was this brain damaged once upon a teenage hood.

To be really honest I am lucky that she isn't as bad as I was. (yet)
I am lucky that she is pretty much a 'good girl'
I HAVE to just keep telling myself that as every year passes we are closer to getting the finished product.
Which, will be spectacular.

As long as we all survive the brain damage.

And oh how I wish I could rescue her from all of this.... sweep her away to some magical world where the not-hormonal crap that surrounds her would vanish, and she didn't have extra hurts and pains around her neck like a year round winter scarf that always, always itches...

But I cannot.
And even when I try....
I seem to make it worse

But that, I put down, to a fall in stocks.
A loss in confidence in the market
A general wish wash of pituitary craziness.

One can't take these things personally.
I seek refuge in the fact that I got through it...
I adore my Mum now.

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