Thursday, 29 March 2012

I do!!!!!

It was amazing.
All of it.
I will post some photos.
It's just easier...
Oh how to choose which ones though...
I went to put up 'a few pictures' on facebook and ended up with an album of about 160.
got alot of likes though :)

here is a wee snippet......
All the photos were taken by the UBER stylish and very talented Susie Blatchford, currently still working for The wedding Assassins.

Stina the beautiful

The gorgeous Widge 

The cake that was insanely amazing.... those are flowers made of icing. Just saying.

My daughter Pop.

Mini Cooper 970s love.

Stina warming up ;) 

Widge does a speech. ;) 


  1. Congratulations! You look AMAZING!!!! Your photos portray so much joy, love and happiness, what a perfect wedding!

  2. Photos are amazing and you (and your party) looks so beautiful!!! Love the style and wowsers at that cool as cake! Congratulations lovely lady!!!

  3. Just beautiful Meg! Now I'm gonna go look at facebook to see the rest!


  4. It was an amazing day! You were gorgeous babe, like Hotttt! Haha when did Suzie sneak that photo of me boozing lol... I loved the day and it was an absolute honour to be part of it! xxx

  5. Great photos. Lovely to see you the other night... must catch up properly some time. Keep cherishing those new and special roles!