Thursday, 5 January 2012

What a long time between posts!
I would appologise, but really, noone reads this!
- ok except maybe you Nan :)

It's 9 1/2 weeks to go till I am officially a Mrs Robinson.
Here's hoping the old one goes back to her maiden name hahum

Yes I am an attention seeker.

I found this picture on facebook.
It's me and widge and stina about 4 years ago.
Nothing has changed. (between US that is.... )
Well, except that we don't see each other nearly as much since we realised we all had to go to work and be endlessly busy...
It sucks, but it's life.
And, lets face it, we can now AFFORD to go to nice places to catch up over dinner and booze.
Well, dinner at least ;)

So, it's the new year.
Thankyou God that 2011 is over
with your stupid quakes, and ex bollucks, and more ex bollucks, and kid bollucks...
Bring on the newness.
The time for renewal.
A time to reflect.
(I'm plagiarizing an amazing sermon I heard on Sunday...)

I will be a bride in 9 1/2 weeks. 
Am I scared?
Maybe a little.
Nervous would probably be a better word for it.
But excited?
For damn sure.


  1. ahem I read your blog, and I have missed your posts, but then again I was a very absent blogger last year so i get it.
    EEEE your getting married! PLUS I loved Brdesmaids, the hilarity was awesome.

  2. Yay, you are going to be a beautiful bride in 9 weeks, woohoo! Cant wait.. Nothing will ever change with us girls, Dinner date for us is due so we must arrange one soon! Loved bridesmaid movie, classic! I say good bye 2011, don't want to remember all the bad you gave us.. Here's to a much happier 2012!!!! xxx