Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Here we are!

Sorry it's been a while.

Pop went to hospital to have a tonsillectomy.
We prayed that she wouldn't have to wait all day..
She was first on the list, was in and out by 9.25am

We prayed she'd get over it fast
She's home, and wants to go to school.
It feels like He's been listening :)

Blood pressure

Texting before going in

Beautiful Room...

Ready for surgery

Just like on Grey's... gimmee an elevator...

Doing a scrub in dance

A little more nervous, hooked up 

The waiting room.  Tried not to cry..


Leaving for the night.... That was hard to do, but she was falling asleep, and wanted me to go... bless

Home time... 


  1. oh man I wanted a pic of me in my scrubs but I was too shamed get them to wait while i posed :)
    funny they had the same room
    far out she is a major stunner

  2. Glad it went well and she is quickly on the mend, I was thinking about her all day yesterday.

  3. Love the scrub dance, very Meg :p How come she can be in a hospital gown and still look so damn gorgeous! Glad things went amazingly well... Chur God xxx