Thursday, 24 November 2011


I had all of the kids this past weekend.
I was nervous, as things don't always work out when all 3 are together.
To add to that, we were staying at James's the weekend.. kids in tow, nerves in hand. 
(can you have 'nerves in hand?') 

But by the Grace of God (and the help of  a Polish professional) 
things seemed (and still seem) to be looking up...

I am presently working on my habitual negativity and sarcasm in front of said 'issue' child.
Ok, that was actually probably a fail right there!

I overheard a small convo between James and child, that they didn't know I was privy to, and I welled up with gratitude..
To see the changes happening, little by little, (although I am terrified of repeat episodes)
is remarkable, and not without much thanksgiving.

I pray this is long term
I so desperately want him back for good. 

So I just have to keep plugging away at me, 
as this seems to be the thing that is changing it. 

The weekend:

I was spost to go swimming with the dolphins on saturday in Akaroa, about an hour and a half out of CHC... but the weather was against us...
So we canned it, and will do it on our honeymoon instead. 

On the way back we stopped to enjoy what a southerly does to the water at Birdlings Flat. It's extremely dangerous, and you can't swim in it, but its fun to play...

Magical Birdlings flat traffic

He bought me roadside Peonies! LOVE!

Selwyn huts, where we will take photos at the wedding..

Miss Pop 

Having fun with Roo

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