Sunday, 13 November 2011

Parental Fails.

How long is too long for a pair of undies?
Perhaps this should be rhetorical.

Apparently my 9 year old thinks that it is acceptable to change them once a week.
He showers, and is old enough to do so by himself.. ditto getting dressed...
But last night I realised I had seen the same undies (WHICH might I add, aren't even his. ) on him at the start of the week.
So I had to stand over him and physically hand him a clean pair (I smelled them to see if they in fact were fresh.... oh the humanity.) and make suree that he actually put them on.
It's kind of hard to monitor, as he also stays at his Dad's house during the week, but I'm thinking this must have been one of those times where we BOTH missed the night for a shower.
All of them.

Damn it, I'm going to have to be a 'chart mom'.

And don't EVEN get me started on his socks.
It's as if he trying to win a bet....
No one else is playing son...

Excellent convo I heard at multi family dinner tonight:

- Back ground.... Good mate of James's is having some issues at the moment.
another friend Kraig's  12 year son is sitting beside him outside, racking his brain for an idea for a school project. 'invent something that will improve your everyday life, and sell it to the class' type deal. His name is Lucas.

Lucas: (frustrated by this time)  " Whats something that could be used to solve everyday problems??!"
James's mate : (equally frustrated) "a device that will help understand women"
Lucas: "something that can be made out of plastic" 

I laughed so hard.

From the mouths of babes pre teens.


  1. Yip snap. Have to stand over my boys and make sure they change their socks and undies. Last night I sniffed bens hair and made him get back in the shower and USE shampoo instead of just wetting it and pretending it's washed.
    Then had to actually pour shower gel over Noah to make sure he got cleaned. Grrrr
    Ok don't actually get it? Plastic? What?

  2. oh stink it was so funny....
    Like he (the 12 year old) is saying ok, something I can invent thats made out of plastic (or cardboard or something similar) not solving something so difficult as 'understanding women'
    He ended up (using my idea) inventing a hairbrush that wets your hair as you spray it.
    Does that explain it? I was worried I hadn't translated it right...

  3. oh that sounds bad - I've just had to explain to my 2 year old that even though he has undies on when he gets up in the morning he needs to take them off and pt fresh ones on each morning. After a week I can't even imagine the smell. Why do we mother's smell??? Mr just throws anything that may be dodgy into the wash - I reckon it's because I wash, fold and sort....