Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pop is moving back in.
I am so happy. She has had her fair share of she-problems, and we thought it might be easier if she was here so I could look after her more. (by 'we' thought, I mean her and I. Her father is not too impressed)

Lately things have been so great between us. 
She's grown up a lot, and I find her to be a person i look forward to hanging out with.

Everyone always said how scary having teens is, and they are right. But they are also super fun (and funny) at times too. 

It's been a hard road for Pop.
She has spent many hours in the school counsellors office.
I truly dread to think what she has told him.
But thats how it goes.
We are only 16 years apart, and at this stage in her life, she is like a little friend.
Obviously I have to let her know that at the end of the day I am the Mum, and what I say goes. 

I need her to know I still have the power to butt in and pull rank.

 It seems to be working this way. For now. 

Not everyone is happy about it. 

Her father is probably feeling rejected.

I told him it wasn't personal.

I guess I have to be prepared for the same thing to be said to me when Roo announces he would like to try a stint at Dad's.

I was a baby when I had her.

And I thought I was so grown up. 

I have referred to her as my tornado from time to time. 
It hasn't been easy.

Mostly for her.

I hate that.

Her brother (we call them the 'twins' collectively) is not happy either.
They've been pretty close over the last couple of years.
That, more than anything, breaks my heart.
He lives with his dad, as thigs between him and I were very very difficult for a time, and it seems we get on best not living together.
But I so badly don't want to hurt him either...

No one wins when parents separate 
(well, except the parents...)

She has been so much fun. 
Talking boys.
Talking life.
Me sharing too much.

- as usual.

So, I keep on praying, and hoping, and all things of that manner that it will work out.
That one day my kids will get it. 
That I haven't broken them beyond repair.
That their father hasn't either...


Here goes. 

O&O xxx


  1. Beautiful photos - God will be looking out for your kids and He's amazing and won't let you down. xoxo

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