Wednesday, 19 September 2012

oh, what? September?

Oh it's just ridiculous, I will probably never be able to keep up blogging... the importance factor is so far down on my list of what matters..
Although its bloody nice to be able to write however I want to and not be confined to the strict academic rules of APA style (Robinson, 2012).
Damn it, it's almost habit now.

I have been getting rather good grades, a couple of A's a a B for my first essay...
Wasn't expecting that.

In other news...

Oh wait, no, thats all there is.

Other than this annoying nagging feeling of cluckyness that keeps following me around like a shadow that shouldn't exist.

We've decided that it's just because all my friends (ok, SOME) are having babies for the first time, and to be fair, this IS the age where people are supposed to have babies.

So, that said, and hormonal shortcomings aside, I shall continue to ignore the feelings that well up at the thought of having that experience with James..


No, really.

my life exists of waking up and dealing with the kids, James taking them to school, me hitting the books (or the gym- which, to be fair, is actually a treadmill at a mates, coz who can afford the gym!?)
more study, pick kids up, make THEM hit the books, cook tea (try to eat by 5.30 so I don't have to go through too much wine before tea time... wine consumption starts at 4 you see..)

clean up, chill out, then put everyone to bed and crash.
Such a boring routine , and so much less stressful than some people's (Widge!!)
But I do rather like it.

It makes me feel valid.
And who doesn't want that.

(this is me without all the emotional, hormonal, tired, financially stressy, etc being discussed).

Shall we leave it at that for a while?


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